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"Best Gluten-Free Menu" 2018 in Arizona Foothills Magazine's "Best of Our Valley" Readers' Poll
"Best Pizza" 2017 in The Inside Coup's "The People's Choice" Poll
"Best Pizza" 2017 in the East Valley Tribune's "Best of Mesa" Readers' Poll
"Best Pizza" 2017 in Arizona Foothills Magazine's "Best of Our Valley" Readers' Poll
"Best Gluten-Free Menu" 2016 in Arizona Foothills Magazine's "Best of Our Valley" Readers' Poll
"Most Popular Lunch Delivery 2015: West – Arizona" by ezCater
"Best Italian Restaurant" 2015 in the Phoenix New Times "Best of Phoenix" Readers' Poll
"Best Slice" 2015 in Arizona Foothills Magazine's "Best of Our Valley" Readers' Poll
"Best Gluten-Free Menu" 2015 in Arizona Foothills Magazine's "Best of Our Valley" Readers' Poll
#3 in ABC 15's "Top 10 go-to pizza places in Valley"
Ranked #14 in the "2014 Pizza Today Hot 100 Independent Pizzerias List"
"Best of ASU 2014 - Pizza" by State Press Magazine
"Best Slice" 2014 in Arizona Foothills Magazine's "Best of Our Valley" Readers' Poll
"Best Slice" 2013 in Arizona Foothills Magazine's "Best of Our Valley" Readers' Poll
"Best Neighborhood Slice, 2013" by Phoenix New Times
"Best of ASU 2013 - Pizza" by State Press Magazine
#3 in "Top 10 Go-To Pizza Places in the Valley" by ABC15
"Best Slice" 2012 by Arizona Foothills Magazine
"Best Slice" 2011 by Arizona Foothills Magazine
Phoenix New Times "Best of 2010": "Best Hero Sandwich"
"Best Slice" 2009 by ASU Residence Hall Association

You Love Us, You Really Love Us!

People love Venezia’s—and it shows! Making great pizza is our passion, and we’re honored to be recognized for it. Check out a few of the awards we’ve earned.

Venezia’s New York Style Pizzeria Best Of Valley Winner

Heritage So Rich You Can Taste It

Want to know our story? We’ve come a long way since our ancestors started making our secret family recipes in the old country. Check out the timeline below to learn more about our rich, flavorful history!

The Old Days
Family recipe passed down for many generations in Italy.
Frank & Clara Montanile (AKA, Mom & Dad) moved to New York City where they met while learning to speak English during their evening class in the Bronx.
Mom & Dad moved to a small, emerging Italian neighborhood in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Recognizing the need for good New York style pizza in the area, they opened the original Venezia's Pizzeria.
Dom (Mom & Dad's son) & Jaime Montanile opened the first Arizona Venezia's location on Mill/Southern in Tempe, offering only pizza, calzones and sandwiches. In the beginning Mom would make our marinara sauce at home, then transport it to the restaurant in a huge sauce pot. Talk about "Mama's cooking!"
Chandler location opened at Pecos/McQueen Roads to bring great pizza closer to our fans in Chandler.
East Mesa location opened to satisfy the hunger of pizza lovers in Mesa, Apache Junction, and Queen Creek.
Tempe location expanded to seat more pizza lovers.
North East Mesa location opened. Characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman decide to go into business together and Venezia's gets its first cameo on the hit AMC TV show, Breaking Bad.
Chandler location moved to a new, and larger, space in Gilbert.
East Mesa location expanded to seat more pizza lovers. Our connection with a friend in Italy allowed us to have fresh tomatoes shipped straight from the San Marzano region of Italy to use in our homemade marinara sauce. We use San Marzano Italian tomatoes to this day.
North Phoenix location opened (our first restaurant to venture outside of the east valley!). Low-Carb Pizza Bowls added to the menu.
Chandler location opened. This location features our new inside look, with an awesome patio to provide our guests with plenty of outside dining.
Venezia’s became an ESOP. We made the historic decision to transition to a employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) company. This significant milestone marked a new chapter in the company's history as ownership was transferred to the employees through an ESOP trust. Venezia's Pizzeria employees gained a stake in the company's ownership, aligning their interests with the long-term success of the business. This transition highlights the company's commitment to its employees, fostering a sense of employee responsibility and pride among the entire team.

A Slice Special A Day Keeps The Hunger Away

What’s so “special” about our Slice Specials? It could be that our slices are gigantic since they come from our 24-inch pizza. Or the fact that all our slice specials cost less than $11.25. Or it could even be that we have five great combinations to choose from. And, did we mention all of our slice specials include a drink?! PLUS you can substitute your drink with any beer for an additional $2.


For Breaking Bad, The Addiction Is Real

You may remember the famous pizza-on-the-roof-scene from season 3 of Breaking Bad. The crew liked our pizza so much, they let us provide the props for this scene. They ordered 20 party pizzas so they would have enough for 20 takes—but it just so happened that Walter White (aka Bryan Cranston) nailed it in the first one. We know we’re great at tossing pizzas in the air, but we wanted to see if we have what it takes to toss them on someone’s roof like Bryan Cranston did. So we grabbed a few pizzas (un-sliced, of course) and a video camera to test our skills. By the looks of our video outtakes, it’s easy to see why we’re going to stick to just tossing pizzas in the oven!


From Our Famiglia To Yours

All six of our restaurants are famiglia owned and operated. Our employees are like family to us, as are all of our loyal customers—some of whom have been with us since we first opened our doors in Tempe back in 1998.

North Phoenix
South Tempe
North East Mesa
East Mesa

Six Ways to Get Your Fix

We’ve grown to six locations across the valley so far: five in the East valley and one in North Phoenix. Where will we be serving up delicious New York style pizza next? Maybe we’ll be in your neighborhood, if we aren’t yet. Stay tuned!


Feed Your Team, Grow Your Business

With our corporate catering services, we help businesses all over the valley feed their teams with their choice of homemade Italian entrees or Boar’s Head® sub sandwiches and heros. Our corporate clients agree: adding Venezia’s to their meetings makes good business sense. A well-fed team works better together!

Venezia's Pizzeria Truck

Just let us know how many people you need to feed, and we’ll come up with the best way to make sure everyone is satisfied, without a ton of food going to waste. That way, we can all save some dough.

Venezia's Pizzeria Truck

Party Pizza Challenge

Two people. One hour. One 24-inch Party Pizza. Those are the three ingredients of our Party Pizza Challenge. If you and your teammate finish an entire party pizza in one hour or less, you’ll enjoy instant notoriety on our Wall of Fame, a free t-shirt, and of course, bragging rights with all your friends.

Cheese Pizza

Our Recipe For Delicious Food?
1 Part Homemade + 2 Parts Fresh

Fresh ingredients and homemade recipes are just a couple of reasons people keep coming back for more. We ensure our ingredients meet our high standard of freshness at all of our restaurants, every day. Most of our food is made fresh in our kitchen every day. A few of our most popular menu items that are homemade using our own secret recipes are:

  • Marinara Sauce (no sugar added—made with tomatoes shipped directly from San Marzano, Italy)
  • Pizza Sauce and Pizza Dough
  • Ranch, Greek, Parmesan Peppercorn, Bleu Cheese and Italian Salad Dressings
  • Meatballs
  • Garlic Butter spread for our Garlic Bread
  • Lasagna
Pizza with fresh ingredients

People Love Venezia's, And You Should Too!

Whether they’re an Arizona native, or are from New York but now live here, Venezia’s fans come from all over for our pizza. Some even drive for 20 minutes to over an hour to satisfy their cravings! We appreciate all the positive feedback and support we’ve gotten over the years from our pizza fans. Come visit us at one of our six valley locations and get a taste for what we’re all about.


Thank you @VeneziasPizza for a great 2018. I ate at your restaurant minimum 52 in 2018, really looking forward to 2019.

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