At Venezia’s Pizzeria, we pride ourselves on our customers’ experience. Here’s a slice of what people are saying about us!

Deanna K.

I love the pizza and wings from here! My dad says they have the best calzone he’s ever had!! The service is fantastic! Ciara, Ryan, Geremy, and Brendan are always super nice and personable! They always make sure my experience is top notch. Love having this place nearby with this great team!

Nicola A.

The pizza experience at Venezia’s New York Style Pizzeria is always excellent. The real taste and texture are provided by the exquisite New York-style crust. They have a wide range of toppings and custom pizzas on their menu to suit every taste.

The caliber of Venezia’s ingredients is what really makes them stand out. Every bite offers a taste explosion, from the flavorful meats to the crisp veggies. It’s a favorite place for fulfilling meals because of the large quantities and affordable costs.

Whether you’re dining in, ordering delivery, or grabbing a slice on the go, Venezia’s New York Style Pizzeria remains a reliable choice for delicious and authentic pizza.

Brent J.

Great atmosphere seeing how people love the pizza here. Employees are friendly and welcoming. Best Buffalo Chicken wings in town and pizza by the slice.

Richard L.
East Mesa

Sometimes you walk into a place and you just know you made a good choice. We were looking for a place to have pizza, it was fairly late on a weeknight, and saw that Venezia’s was open when looking for options on Yelp. We were greeted by the most pleasant and welcoming young lady. She made recommendations and nailed it. The pizza was proof in the longevity. Pizza perfection, traditional and fresh, loaded with amazing flavors. While Venezia’s is located in a strip mall, the feeling and ambiance inside is true pizza parlor. We’ll be back for sure, what a great first impression. As an added bonus, we enjoyed cold left over pizza the next day!

Amy W.
East Mesa

Love Venezia’s! The food is always predictably good and service is great! The BEST ranch dressing I’ve ever had!

David W.

Venezia’s is some of the best pizza in the valley and is the closest I can find to New Jersey pizza. They have a good variety of slices and some very creative varieties too. In addition to pizza, they also serve wings and hot and cold sandwiches. Venezia’s is great for take-out and this location also has a decent sized dining room. I personally recommend the margherita pizza as it is one of the best slices I have had in Phoenix. If you go, be sure to checkout the combos as they offer some good deals daily.

Amanda W.

My dad picked up one cheese and one pepperoni pizza on Valentine’s Day and it was DELICIOUS! The crust was the perfect thickness. The marinara sauce had a great flavor which I believed made the pizza! I love Venezia’s and I can’t wait to dine in this restaurant!

Ezra S.
East Mesa

I had an incredible dining experience at this pizzeria! From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere. The staff was attentive and knowledgeable about their menu, helping me choose the perfect pizza. The pizza itself was a masterpiece. The crust was perfectly crispy on the outside yet wonderfully soft on the inside. The toppings were fresh and generously applied, creating a burst of flavors in every bite. I couldn’t get enough of their delicious tomato sauce! The variety of pizzas on their menu is impressive, catering to all tastes and dietary preferences. Whether you’re a meat lover, a vegetarian, or looking for something unique, they have you covered. The portion sizes were generous, ensuring I left with a satisfied stomach. To top it off, the prices were reasonable for the quality and quantity of food provided. I highly recommend this pizzeria to anyone craving a mouthwatering, authentic pizza experience. I can’t wait to return and try more of their delectable creations!

Janelle T.
East Mesa

Best pizza and service you will find on the east side of Phoenix. The staff, the pizza and the quality of food was the best!!! The East Valley does give us hope for good family fun and quality food.

Joyce W.

Q: What did the pizza say when it went out on a date?

A: “I never sausage a beautiful face.”

If Venezia’s New York Style Pizzeria is good enough for Breaking Bad, it’s good enough for me! This place is well-loved and for good reason! Having been around since 1978 with six locations valley-wide, Venezia’s is a beloved pizzeria that serves more than just pizza. They have pasta, wings, calzones, sandwiches, fried zucchini, mac & cheese bites, desserts, and other good eats. Just take a look at the menu. There’s something for everyone. Don’t want carbs? Get a pizza bowl! But the pizza… it is truly a work of art. A slice of pie is so dang affordable. You seriously can’t go wrong with Venezia’s! I got the Italian Stallion and a whole order of bone-in BBQ mild wings. The Italian Stallion is my go-to and the wings are always good. This location is probably the nicest location I have been to so far. It is spacious and clean, they have a self-order kiosk if you want to be anti-social, and there’s even outdoor seating. Come here to enjoy some good ‘za with your family and friends!

Lina L.

Sometimes you just want a good slice of pizza for a light lunch so searched on Yelp and found this place.

We decided on a combination and sausage slices. It totally hit the spot and the slice is huge for the price! I thought the flavor was really good with perfect ratio of cheese and the sausage with a nice crust. Hubby really enjoyed his combination slice too.

The staff was efficient and friendly. I saw a lot of people getting their combo deals and lot of to go orders as well.

I will definitely come back when I have a pizza craving and try different toppings.

Pablo V.
North Phoenix

Absolute best NY pizza in Arizona! The crust, sauce, cheese and cooking are perfect!!!

Timothy B.
East Mesa

Has some of the best pizza in the valley! Recently participated in the 24 inch pizza challenge that thing is no joke barely got it down with a minute time to spare will definitely be back.

Carolee m.
North Mesa

Native to N Y C
Best in Mesa Pizza
Salads and antipasto
Also excellent !
Eat in is just right also !!

Kimberly R.

Best pizza I’ve ever had by far!! I will no longer be getting pizza from anywhere else! I give this place a 100/10!!!

Season C.
North Mesa

Best dough balls if you want to DIY your Friday night pizza movie tradition or if you have a pizza oven. One dough ball makes three good size personal pizzas. Perfect rise. Freeze and then thaw/bake perfectly if you order too many and want to save a few for next week.

Armand S.
East Mesa

Great staff, great prices. I come here for a quick slice or two all the time. I even eat inside sometimes, they have comfortable seating and tvs everywhere.

Ashley D.
East Mesa

Great pizza and it’s ready in a pinch! I love that we can order a 14″ pizza and have leftovers for lunch. The staff is friendly and the interior is huge – we did takeout but it would be a nice spot to dine in as well.

C C.

Love their pizza. Since Amalfi shut down, we’ve been looking for a replacement and this is it! They make a NY style pizza: thin, foldable, big slices and all the toppings we’ve tried have been great! Their lunch slice(s) special is great and a few times we’ve got their large pizza deal from their app. I’m still wanting to try their pizza challenge.

Location is nice with tv screens with games on, large windows with a nice view, and plenty of parking in the parking lot.

Sharon L.

As a vegan, why  don’t more pizzerias just have some vegan cheese in the refrigerator they would have a lot more business. Well this place does! I had a fabulous vegan pizza Loaded with vegetables! I’ll order it direct from them for delivery next time save a few bucks.
Looks like there’s some frequent coupons for this place also so I’ll be a repeat customer!

C H.
North Phoenix

We love ordering pizza on Friday nights for an easy dinner! We love the sliced sausage and pepperoni. The fried zucchini is super good too!

Sarah K.
North Mesa

I’m a New Jersey native and this is the closest pizza I can find that resembles food back home. The food is always high quality and very well seasoned. Venezia’s is my go to place for a take out dinner. 10/10.

Colm O.

You can’t beat their pizza. Great business, I’ve been to both the one in Gilbert and chandler. Both excellent. Very friendly staff too, that’s a product of good management and ownership. The best around!

D T.

Visiting Arizona for the first time and always looking for a vegan option. If your vegan you know often you have to tailor a food option to make it so. Venezia’s actually has vegan pizza options on the menu with all the classic meat toppings you can think of in a vegan alternative. Several size pizzas; the portions are good. The taste is good and as one who likes crust I was definitely satisfied. This is a good option for the vegans who love pizza.

Mariana K.

Thank you, Venezia’s, for your epic pizzas! Especially the vegan options. As we all know, vegan cheese can be wanting, but Venezia’s vegan cheese pizza is awesome. I always laugh when I order the Party Size because the 1 pizza takes up my entire trunk space in my hatchback.

M M.
East Mesa

This place is always busy and for good reason. The Pizza is amazing! The wings are delicious! Great menu choices. The staff is friendly and helpful. We have even had deliveries and they found us just fine!

Nick G.
East Mesa

The Hot Italian beef is very delicious.  I’m bout to order 1 now, it’s that good! Their menu has a lot to offer for all taste buds.

Mike R.
East Mesa

After moving to AZ from the northeast, we had been looking for a good pizza place, and are glad we found this place. The meatballs are also amazing!

Patrick A.

Being from upstate NY I can say this is authentic NY style pizza. Slices are incredible definitely worth it.

Danielle R.

I came here today for my favorite Italian beef sandwich.  The sandwich was made to order and was served nice and hot. The fries were a nice mix of crispy/crunchy and soft at the same time. Highly enjoyable. I would recommend stopping by for this sub, fries, and the pizzas.

David M.
North Phoenix

I try not to eat carbs, weird to give a pizza restaurant five stars then, right?  They have a “crustless” pizza / bowl that is great.  Oil or red sauce, and choice of “toppings” including proteins and veggies.  It is amazing!  Easy to order and pay online and pickup is a snap!

Eric Z.
North Mesa

Really good pizza and really good wings!! The service is always friendly and the atmosphere is fun and awesome! Great place

Janice D.

The pizza is amazing! The staff is very helpful and goes the extra mile for the customer.

Jen-jen R.

This is our pizza place forever! We’ve been coming here since 2012. Love their pizza and wings. Service is amazing. Orders comes out quick. I definitely recommend this place!

Jennifer H.
North Phoenix

Good pizza. You can buy by the slice if you cannot decide. We took an order to go. Fast, friendly service. Delicious NY style pizza.

Kevin B.

We stopped here a month ago to grab some pizza. My first time here and I ordered us a Hawaiian Pizza and a Meat Lovers large for a party of 4. We sat inside where it was nice cozy and warm. Ordered some of their hot wings too which were decent. Cool workers here and great atmosphere. I would love to visit again.

Erica M.

True New York fold in your hand, mouthwatering, delicious Pizza! Best that I’ve had — most like NYC – in the Valley!

Dan H.

Having been born and raised in New York City, I know a little something about pizza. Venezia’s is definitely as good, and maybe even better, than many of the great pizzerias that I grew up with. Nothing beats Venezia’s in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Greg M.

We love this place. Every time we are in AZ we order the party pizza and wings. Great pizza and great wings. Feeds a ton of people. Must try pizza place!

C W.

The best. Consistently. I have been going to the other locations for many years and we go to the Mill location every week for work. Thanks for opening a great new location with a fantastic set up. The pizza, salads and wings are top notch and affordable! Straight cheese party pizza today since my kids are afraid of anything else. Just like the other locations, the staff are great, very friendly!

Rosa M.

Amazing Pizza! Great service! A very busy location, however the associates are moving at a speed of light and providing amazing customer service!

Charlotte C.

Their vegan menu is awesome and food tastes great. If you want a good vegan pizza, this is the place to get it at.

Graciela R.

So happy we finally have this pizza place in Chandler! Great pizza and salads! You can get pizza by the slice all day! Great prices!


Venezia’s Pizza is our favorite! Thrilled there’s a new location in Chandler on Price Rd S. of Chandler Blvd.! The Veggie Pizza is our favorite, packed with juicy flavor, and the crust is perfection! We paired it with a Greek salad and the salad was hearty and crisp and the dressing delicious! Excellent Service!

Lori A.

Venezia’s has some delicious vegan dishes. We had the vegan baked ziti with added vegan sausage. It was plentiful and so yummy! We also had the vegan delight pizza which was a amazing as well.

Jessica R.

Tried this pizzeria today. Delivered.  Ordered Veggie pizza with Caesar salad. This is what my mouth and taste  buds said.. absolutely yummy. Fresh ingredients. Just the right amount of sauce. Spices on point. Tasty. Just scrumptious. I will be back…. (Like the terminator)

Levi L
East Mesa

We stumbled upon this place because my wife was looking for a place that served vegan pizza. What an absolute GEM. They have vegan sausage and pepperoni and vegan cheese. She is in heaven. I am a meat eater and the guy taking my order suggested the Pitchfork pizza. It was amazing. We go and get pizzas every other week and they are always tasty. I also always get an order of the chicken wings. Levi L stated – I’ve had both the bone-in and boneless. Both are fantastic. And their ranch dressing is homemade (I think) and to die for. The place is always mobbed. They do one hell of a delivery and pick up business. I’m surprised the doors don’t fall off the hinges with all the traffic they get. And that tells me that there are lots of happy, return customers. Keep it up, guys! You should be very proud of what you have created. This is my favorite pizza place in Arizona. Cheers!

Stephanie F.
East Mesa

Great pizza, especially the white pizza. All of the desserts are also amazing, especially the cannoli’s and the crumb cake. I love their ranch dressing and they sell it by the bottle!

Janice P.

We came here because we saw it on our way to Costco! We are big fans of NY style pizza and they didn’t disappoint! I would try the Bianco and please do yourself a favor with the wings garlic parm or hot!! Will definitely be back soon.

Jenn M.

Yummy pizza with options for gluten-free crust.  They have a great lunch special with huge slices.

Kina R.

I think this might be the most delicious pizza I’ve ever had in my life, and I’m from Chicago. It’s gooey, chewy, cheesy with the perfect sauce, and the nicest people working behind the counter.

Mike A.

I am a Deputy Fire Chief for the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department, overseeing the Logistics Section. This morning we had a large 1st alarm fire that was going to go well into the afternoon hours and we needed to work on a plan to feed the 50 plus firefighters working the event. My first thought was to call Venezia’s, having ordered many pizzas during my career while assigned to Fire Station 2 at Southern and Hardy.

I wanted to thank you and your team for your quick response this afternoon allowing us to feed our crews working the fire. We were able to pick up our large order in less than 30 minutes. From the time the order was placed, to the time our crews were eating on the scene, was under an hour! We truly appreciate your assistance this afternoon and wanted to convey our gratitude.

Rich A.

Best pizza in Arizona, hands down. From NYC. Been eating at Venezia’s for over 20 years. They’ll make ya a pizza ya can’t refuse!

Ashleigh D.
North Phoenix

I’ve been here twice now for takeout. I’m outside their delivery range, and a food delivery app went stupid when I tried to use it, so I ordered online. Their website was super easy to use. The benefit of ordering online, is that now I get coupons! The 2nd time I ordered online, they had a coupon for one of the things I wanted (medium pizza and wings! Score!). I really like their pizza. I get cheese with extra cheese. However, my mom thinks the pizza is spicy (my parents have had pizza with pepperoni +/- sausage, so I bet she thinks the pepperoni is spicy. She thinks almost anything with a little heat is spicy, and I don’t like pepperoni, so I’m not one to judge.) I also really like their wings. They reheat well, so I get an order to eat as leftovers. Overall, I will be back!

Mike F.
North Mesa

Best pizza by the slice and deals. Love it. Always get the pesto chicken pizza and wings combo. Great price. Friendly staff. Local to me and easy online ordering system. I go here every few weeks.

Paul M.

Pizza was excellent! I’m from the east coast and rarely find good NY style pizza for a reasonable price. I’m looking forward to trying more from this restaurant.

Bryan S.

I’ve been a long time customer of Venezia’s now and I’m finally getting to writing a review for them. This has been the go to spot during my college days and I’m so glad that years later the quality & flavor of the pizza STILL HITS! Always good service when I come by and they’re pretty good on delivering on time. Plus the wings from here are also GOAT status. One can not order from here without getting wings added to their pizza order! I promise you will be thankful that you got both.

Jason A

Mannnnnnnnnn…..LISTEN…anyone saying that this isn’t “real new york pizza” is BUGGING. I am from the BRONX. Born and raised in NYC. Grew up on in montgomery ave, moved to wakefield and eventually unionport/soundview/castlehill area before leaving altogether. I ate more pizza than a ninja turtle. I moved to LA in 2018 and finding NYC pizza there was like trying to find an infinity stone. If the pizza there wasn’t just simply an abomination, then it was overpriced. I used to go to mulberry’s in LA and a pepperoni slice there was $5 yet half the size of a slice at Venezia’s. I eventually settled for Costco pizza for 2 years. SO LOOK… Venezia’s IS the best pizza you’ll find in AZ/Valley. It is authentic and it is extremely delicious. I can’t vouch for delivery as I eat mine fresh in the restaurant. It is important to note that there is no one form of NY Pizza. There is even multitudes of trash NY pizza IN NY. The slices at Venezia’s make me feel like im eating a slice on jerome avenue in the bronx. PHOENIX….THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD FOOD.

Deonne P.

Last night I picked up a large take out order for my sisters birthday party. I used the Venezia’s app to order and it was so very user friendly. I ordered 3 XL custom pizzas, 2 orders of crispy wings with medium sauce on the side, and a protein bowl for my son who is on a no carb diet. Everything was ready for pickup at the time I requested, which I worried that it might not be. So I am giving this Venezia’s five stars and looking forward to more delicious pizzas and wings from here.

Joyce W.

Seven days without pizza makes one weak. If Venezia’s New York Style Pizzeria is good enough for Breaking Bad, it’s good enough for me! This place is well-loved and for good reason! Having been around since 1978 with five locations valley-wide, Venezia’s is a beloved pizzeria that serves more than just pizza. They have pasta, wings, calzones, sandwiches, fried zucchini, mac & cheese bites, desserts, and other good eats. Just take a look at the menu. There’s something for everyone. Don’t want carbs? Get a pizza bowl! But the pizza… it is truly a work of art. A slice of pie is so dang affordable. You seriously can’t go wrong with Venezia’s! Venezia’s will always have a pizza my heart. I still need to try their cauliflower crust pizza!

Deirdre M.

I’ve always loved their pizza, but now it’s my 100% favorite place to order pizza from. When Postmates never delivered my pizza (after 2 1/2 hours!). Venezia’s went above and beyond making a new pizza and delivering it as fast as possible. I worked with Jeff and was so impressed at how kind and compassionate he was. It was something completely out of their control and he went above and beyond to make it right. Kudos to you, Jeff!! Thanks for being so phenomenal. Venezia’s is now my all time pizza go to and I will continue to refer the heck out of you guys. Great job and thanks for taking such great care of your clients.

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