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Ordering food for large groups can be a pain in the culo (that’s “butt” in Italian). Finding food that everyone likes, can agree on, and that meets the needs of various food allergies and dietary restrictions is never easy. That’s why we offer catering all day, every day, complete with a full catering menu filled with options that will leave everyone begging for more. Unlike other caterers, we don’t charge per head. Just let us know how many people you need to feed, and we’ll come up with the best way to make sure everyone is satisfied, without a ton of food going to waste. That way we can all save some dough. Browse through our catering menu below, then contact us today to place your order! Catering orders require a minimum of 24 hours’ advance notice. All prices are subject to change at any time. Prices do not include tax. 

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24" Party Pizza

This is the one—the big one! Our highly popular party pizza is always a hit, no matter how tough the crowd. Order a few of these huge pizzas for your meeting or party, and your event will be an enormous success (see what we did there?)! With the party pizza, you get three times as many square inches of cheesy pizza at only twice the cost of the large pizza.

Serves 8-10 people, 16 slices

Pizza $30.49

  • Toppings $3.50 each

Vegan Pizza

  • Vegan Cheese: $31.25
  • Vegan Cheese & Vegan, Plant-Based Italian Sausage Crumbles: $39.25
  • Vegan Pepperoni: $39.25
  • Additional toppings $3.50 each
Anne J.
North Phoenix

SUMCO has been using this location for catering from the day they opened on Tatum and Greenway. The pizza’s are YUMMY and the salad is always fresh. Customer Service from placing the order to the delivery drivers are the absolute BEST!


With our salad options, getting people to eat their greens is easy. The fresh ingredients and homemade salad dressing that comes with all of our salads are both crowd-pleasers. Start your meeting or party off right—with a garden, Greek, antipasto, or even a Caesar salad tray!

Serves 10 – 12 people

  • Garden Salad Tray $36.99
  • Caesar Salad Tray $41.99
  • Greek Salad Tray $43.99
  • Antipasto Salad Tray $49.99

Add Chicken for $8.50

Dressings made in-house include:

  • Ranch
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Parmesan Peppercorn
  • Bleu Cheese

*Trays are served with one 12 oz bottle of ranch, Greek, or Italian or if otherwise mentioned, 10 cups of dressing.

Calzone & Stromboli Samplers

For a real Italian meal people will love, order our calzone or Stromboli platters. Everyone at your event will feel comfortable when they’re enjoying comfort foods from Venezia’s. Homemade with our fresh dough and famous marinara sauce (which is made with fresh tomatoes shipped straight from Italy!), these two popular dishes are satisfying and oh, so delicious.

Serves 10 people

10 Sampler Strombolis in a Tray $43.99

  • Comes with provolone cheese and pepperoni
  • Comes with 1 pint of signature marinara sauce
  • Each mini stromboli is cut in half and can make 20 samplers to share

10 Sampler Calzones in a Tray $46.99

  • Choose 1 topping of your choice
  • Comes with 1 pint of signature marinara sauce

Pastas and More

We don’t just make great pizza. We also have a few mouthwatering pasta dishes. Everyone loves our homemade baked ziti, lasagna, and classic spaghetti—and your guests will, too! Don’t forget to add our famous meatballs to your pasta entree. Guests will exclaim, “Che buono!” (which means “how delicious!” in Italian).

Serves 20-25 people

  • Tray of Italian Beef Arancini $51.99 (Serves 10-12) 18 rice balls stuffed with Italian beef, gravy, cheese, and hot giardiniera peppers, coated with breadcrumbs, deep fried, and served with a choice of 12 oz bottle of Gunslinger ranch 2-6 oz au jus, 2-6 oz marinara’s or 12 oz bottle of ranch
  • Tray of Boneless Wings $59.99 (50 boneless wings. No split flavors)
  • Tray of Spaghetti or Ziti with Marinara Sauce $59.99
  • Tray of Baked Ziti $94.99
  • Tray of Meat Lasagna $99.99 (Serves 18-20)
  • Add a Tray of Famous Meatballs (20 half meatballs) $27.99


There’s a sandwich, and then there’s a Boar’s Head® sandwich. At Venezia’s, we believe in offering only the finest quality and the freshest ingredients, and our sub sandwich and hero trays are no exception! Enjoy delicious turkey, ham, or Italian sub sandwiches. We have a variety of different hot heroes, too—no, not the Superman kind of hero, the toasted sandwich kind! Of course, you may call your sandwich a real “superhero” the way it slays your appetite, but that’s up to you. Enjoy our classics like chicken parmigiana, sausage, pepper and onion, Italian beef, philly cheesesteak, and even our famous meatball hot heroes. Get a variety of subs and heroes, then let your guests pick their favorites!

  • Build Your Own Italian Beef Tray (Serves 8-12 people) $79.99
  • Boar’s Head® Sub Tray (Serves 5-8 people) $49.99
  • Hot Hero Tray (Serves 5-8 people) $72.99

Add 10 bags of chips to any sandwich tray for only $5.99 more!


Everyone likes a little something on the side…especially when it’s garlic bread! A classic Italian meal isn’t complete without a slice (or two) of our garlic bread. It’s perfect for soaking up that sauce that’s always left on your plate after you’ve finished your pasta (or just dip it in the main dish—we won’t judge). Get your garlic bread with cheese on top for a little extra “yum.”

Garlic Bread Platter (20 halves) $19.99 or $24.99 with cheese


Paper goods $3.50

  • Includes plates, napkins, Parmesan and peppers, as well as cups if needed – please specify.
  • Serves 10-20 people.

Sterno/Disposable Rack $8.00

  • Need to keep your catering order warm for a longer period of time? We can supply you with a Sterno and Disposable rack for each tray.


Don’t waste precious time cutting cake or scooping ice cream! Our dessert trays are ready to go so you can spend time with your guests, instead of their food (and dirty dishes). And nobody is too sweet for our Italian cannolis. They’re perfectly portioned and delightfully delicious.

  • 12-pack Big Chocolate Chunk Cookie $27.99
  • 10 Traditional Cannoli Tray $42.49
  • 10 Chocolate Cannoli Tray $48.99
  • 10 Mixed Cannoli Tray (Five Traditional, Five Chocolate) $45.79
  • Assorted Mini Dessert Tray (2 Mini Chocolate Cakes, 2 Mini Crumb Cakes, 4 Mini Traditional Cannolis and 4 Mini Chocolate Cannolis) $34.99
  • 20 Traditional Mini Cannoli Tray $47.99*
  • 20 Chocolate Mini Cannoli Tray $50.99*
  • Full Chocolate Cake (24 Slices) $110.99*
  • Half Chocolate Cake (12 Slices) $55.99*
  • Full Tiramisu (15 Slices) $66.99**
  • Full Cheese Cake (12 Slices) $70.99*
  • Full Crumb Cake (20 Slices) $61.99*

*Requires 48-72 hour notice, as this is a special order.

**Get this pre-cut for an additional $7.50. Requires 48-72 hour notice, as this is a special order.


2-Liter Catering Pack

  • Choice of any (5) 2-liters for $14.49.

1-Liter Aquafina Catering Pack

  • (5) 1-liter bottles of Aquafina for $14.49.

Aquafina Catering Pack

  • (4) 16.9 oz bottles of Aquafina water for $6.00 (save $2.00).

AZ Lemonade Stand Catering Pack $27.99 (Serves 14-16)

  • (4) 32 oz jars of Prickley Pear Lemonade.
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